I closed my laptop and turned off my phone. I took a notebook and a pen, pulled a chair, and sat at the table. I start to write. I didn’t have anything particular in mind to write about but I tried to catch the thread of some ideas which appeared more prominent. I noticed how the thread I was following did not reveal a more profound understanding of the subject I was writing about. It would instead pull me into another idea, and then another, and so on. A very elusive state of affairs with my thoughts. I wanted to make a point about something and ended up chasing something else. I should do my best to not confuse the reader, I said to myself. So I tried harder and again I failed. I was frustrated to the point where I was ready to pick up my phone and tweet about my inability to write; and then it hit me: THE FEED — The internet, the overwhelming amount of content that enters my brain in a poorly managed manner. Decontextualized, catchy, faulty, provocative, violent, personal, at times outrageous, or just amazingly awesome. All mixed up together into my FEED. It makes up an emotional nuance of gray-pink-blueish. Oh, and the ads, youtube ads are terrible. But I’m still not buying the premium account. And Instagram, and FB. I want no more of it all. I am fed up. The medium where I consume my content has conditioned, to a certain extent, the way I think. If I go down this path, my ability to think more profound thoughts and elaborate on a subject, in written form, long-form will be impaired. Short bursts of tweets, yea I might still be able, but I want my brain to do more than that.
No, I won’t be making a tech detox but I will use the internet differently.
1) Decide what I want to do and set a timer of X minutes before opening any SM platform.
2) Disengage. All notifications off. phone stays on DND.
3) I might actually buy a dumbphone.

I’ll return with updates.

The topics that I am interested in and write about revolve around design, the mind, metathinking, thought, Zen, meditation, spiritually, truth, cosmos and God.