One day I was sitting on the side of a canal in Amsterdam, smoking a joint and thinking to myself: Everything moves, even things that appear to be static, like the interior of a cave for example they move too but very slowly. The entire earth moves, the tectonic plates shift crash, and subduct. Even if a place appears as being still, static it still moves but at a slower pace. I stayed with this thought for a moment while pulling another puff. Everything moves… and the earth spins around the sun, and the planets and the Milkyway with its branches and then there is a black hole. I paused this thread of thought for a second perplexed at the scale of things in the universe. We’re just a little speck of nothing into the galaxy among many many others. And everything moves, even the black holes move, but we can’t see that because black holes are bodies of matter so dense that it absorbs light, oh well photons. The universe, the big bang which set everything in motion some time ago… a long time ago. But what was there before the Big Bang? Certainly, something more static I believe, or just nothing. A big sea of nothingness. The unforgiving frozen darkness and nothing more. It must be terrifying but it also could be quite relaxing because there’s nothing to do, after a while nothing to think about. A very hostile place for a human to be in, just thinking about it gave me chills. I sat there on that bench imagining myself on this blue dot called Earth, engulfed in a universe surrendered by deep infinite darkness. My mind took me there beyond Planck’s wall and further away from everything.

And then I pulled another puff from that joint, my head spinning, looking at people in a boat waving at me, taking selfies, and drinking champagne all at the same time. What The Fuck. How do they get their entry ticket into this world? Ho did I? We all are earthlings, the other end of a long chain of evolution here, on planet earth — and we’re not even sure about that. By this point, I was way too high my mind shattered to pieces by the overwhelming realization that I am the universe myself and the mere fact of life is something magnificent, special. I shed a tear smiling like a mad man.

The topics that I am interested in and write about revolve around design, the mind, metathinking, thought, Zen, meditation, spiritually, truth, cosmos and God.