When fixed thought doesn’t work, you must look for an exit. The exit is not always evident, but it’s always an option. It is not signaled as you are used to seeing it, uppercase EXIT lit in green. It is somewhere, however, hidden in the dark. Do you have a lantern on you? Can you turn it on? Now, look around and take small steps. What do you see? Keep paying attention at every step you take and move steadily; make sure not to change direction. You will eventually arrive at the exit.
It’s a paradox; knowing the world, you gain confidence. Unknowing it, you gain wonder. In your quest to finding the exit, you’ll stumble upon all your solidified patterns of thought. Believes and axioms were delimitating the perimeter of your thought — the fiercely forge of beyondness. Just as you would take for granted the solidity of the chair, you sit on taken for granted it’s immateriality. Atoms, particles, and beyond that waves. The answer is a continuum; the exit is a corridor without an end.

The topics that I am interested in and write about revolve around design, the mind, metathinking, thought, Zen, meditation, spiritually, truth, cosmos and God.