How often do we think about God? To what extent you bring God into your life and let Him guide. I’ve seen people who are uneasy believing in God because it’s this idea of church that gets in the way. The idea that it’s made to control masses to put people in a position of obedience, of following religious norms and values. Jesus said live today to the fullest and let tomorrow take care of itself. I want to rid myself of the mundane fears that keep me from being my best me. When I have faith in God, I relinquish ownership of my endeavors. I rid yourself of the risk of failure.

I give my best shot, knowing that good things will come out of it because God is in charge. Believing in God helps to take some of that pressure off my shoulders, and it also helps me find the energy, the power to push further when things get hard. I love God. I fear God.

In loving God, I find love for everybody, and In fearing God, I rid myself of anxieties and fears of all kinds, those things that make me less than what I am. I am a free man, free from desire and fear of life.

Some people speak to God; some people feel Him in their hearts; others follow his law written in one holy book or another. Some people say; I can’t see Him, how do I know it exists? They are nonbelievers, skeptics.

It is enough to open your eyes, to look around and see how every living being is nurtured and made by God, or call it an all-encompassing underlying intelligence. How can I consider myself apart from it? How can I not be it? It is like negating my own existence.

It took me years to understand how we are all interconnected, and pursuing my own interests at the detriment of other beings is harming me in the long run. I saw how doing good brings me love and clarity of mind, and joy. The world is such a strange place now because we’re all caught in this race for money. Money does not have any intrinsic meaning. They are meaningless; you can have all the money in the world if you don’t have love, health, and friends. No amount of money will guarantee your peace, your mental sanity, and harmony. There are people with a lot of money who live miserable lives. There are also people who live on the streets and are angels in rags — profoundly happy and confident.

The topics that I am interested in and write about revolve around design, the mind, metathinking, thought, Zen, meditation, spiritually, truth, cosmos and God.