Going against the grain

Some ideas are like low-hanging fruits and others are like diamonds — hard to find and very precious. The choice is between the easy or the hard path to truth. Some minds have a tendency to take the path of least resistance while others choose pain and hassle. I think it’s about a certain discipline of the mind that one must acquire, a supportive framework for digging out personal truth and deep understanding.

The low hanging fruit modus operandi
- Constantly seeking gratification and pleasure.
- Ignoring painful ideas or truths.
- Accepting norms
- Believing what most people believe.
- Avoiding confrontation.
- Having only external factors that motivate you to act

The diamonds
- Communicating a subtle understanding in a concise manner.
- Understanding someone’s opposing worldview.
- Understanding and simplifying complexity.
- Finding elegant solutions to complex problems
- Having a routine for long periods of time.
- Maintaining intense focus.
- Reading philosophy.
- Not reacting in an emotional way.
- Creating something elaborate
- Attention to detail

The mind makes thousands of choices every minute when engaged in a creative activity. The structure enables the stream of consciousness to converge, ideas and concepts to form into clear and concise sentences. It enables continuity and provides context. The elements of the mental structure are in fact principles of action and reaction. It can be simply called discipline.

Originality thrives on discipline, even though in some cases it appears to be the opposite — see artists consumed by their art.

The topics that I am interested in and write about revolve around design, the mind, metathinking, thought, Zen, meditation, spiritually, truth, cosmos and God.