And there’s this sensation where you want something, but you can’t tell precisely what is that you want; it gets on your nerves. It’s frustrating. It’s a very particular feeling of incompleteness. It’s as if you’re a puzzle, and you’re missing one or more pieces without which you cannot complete yourself. I feel like that today. A new month of confinement starting tonight, is this the reason? I miss people, remember clubbing nights with people all around everybody dancing music booming, DJ killing it all night long. Some sexy girls, some friends some x some smoke, hot n fun all night long. It feels like it’s been ages ago. I can’t hold myself from dreaming of the insane parties and festivals mobilized all across the planet once all this pandemic is over in Berlin as especially. It’s going to be insane; people will go crazy — I’m tunned, started dreaming about it, it’s going to happen. Next summer, maybe🤞?
Until then, I’m here with this bizarre feeling looking for ways of coping. Look for the positive; there’s always a positive yes, I’ll finally read my library and my girlfriend’s library. And I’ll start writing; maybe I will write a novel, my first novel where I’m both the hero and the villain. Have you seen Old Boy? the original one, it’s a gem — you’ve got time now, watch it 😉.